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How was your #FoolsDay? This is how Gmail Spent Theirs

How was your #FoolsDay? This is how Gmail Spent Theirs:


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Check out the Special offers from #Duka1

Check out the Special offers from #Duka1.


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Welcome to Duka 1

Welcome to Duka 1 Blog

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The Design The look of the Samsung Galaxy

The Design

The look of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been much-discussed. With Some thinking that the S5 Samsung will be a metal phone, but the new model is still good old plastic.

It’s more conspicuously plastic than the Galaxy S4 too. There’s no fake metal finish on the back this time – just silvery plastic sides – and the back has a texture of little dimples to give it a bit of extra grip, and a different look from the previous Galaxy S phones. Samsung calls it “modern and refreshing”, and it comes in four shades – blue, gold, white and black.
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Hello Future!

Some features that we think will make the S5 one of top mobile devices in 2014 are :

  1. Quad core Krait 2.5GHz chip and 2GB RAM under the hood this was never going to be slow. Say goodbye to a hanging or slowness of the phone!

  2. Samsung promises that connectivity is first-class, offering 802.11ac with MIMO support, and booster tech using LTE + Wifi in parallel to speed downloads where possible.

  3. The S5 also offers Ultra power saving mode at the other end of the spectrum, which dips down to very low power (black and white display, etc) to spin out more battery life when activated hence a longer battery life (Something we have been lacking in most of the smart phones.)

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Hail New Kid on the block

The S5 is the New kid on the block who is out to get all the attention and will be the new talk in town. With some improvements on it’s predecessor the new kid on the block has already been making headlines.

On the specs, Samsung has confirmed to some of their sources that the Galaxy S5 will have a 1/2.6-inch camera sensor, which is significantly larger than that of either the Galaxy S4 or the iphone 5s. The camera on S5 will be one to look out for!

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Samsung S5 Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched last month (February 2014). Samsung’s long-awaited new flagship device and successor to the sleek Samasung Galaxy S4. Improving on a their products is something Samsung has taken into consideration. With features like heart beat sensor to keep track of the users physical fitness, as well as the dust resistance feature are sure to give the HTC One and the rumored HTC M8 a run for their money.

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Retweeted Teardown.com (@myteardown): Th

Retweeted Teardown.com (@myteardown):

The #GalaxyS5 fully submerged in water. Water resistant, I think so. #GalaxyS5Teardown

http://t.co/B7eaIx4pQB http://t.co/y1xkIb6l9b



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Have you been Duped?

Do you have the Original S View or have you been Duped?

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